Will Questionnaire

Fill in the questionnaire below to begin the Will Process with Barden and Co. We’ll be in touch with you once we receive your information.

Preferred Title

Previous Wills/Deeds

Do you have any existing Wills?

Relationship Status

What is your current relationship status?
Are you intending to change your relationship status? *
e.g. intending on getting married, move in together, separate etc
Do you have a Relationship Property or Contracting Out Agreement under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976?
If you don't have the above agreeemnt, would you like to make one?
If you had other significant previous relationships, do you have other previous property relationship agreements or other possible previous relationship obligations?
Do you own a property/s?
Would you like to add a life interest clause?
A “life interest” is an interest to a person in the use of your estate or part of it during his/her lifetime; afterwards the capital is then gifted to another person(s). The interest can be for life, or it can terminate on the occurrence of some other event; e.g. remarriage or a set amount of time. Please note that if a property is owned jointly, then you can not give a life interest to the other person.


Do you have any children?

Please provide details for all your children.   Please provide the name of the other parent if not your present partner or spouse.  Please include any child who has died, any adopted or whangai children or any other dependent person.  

Executors & Trustees

Please provide details of the person(s) you would like to act as your Executor(s)/Trustee(s) to administer your estate. An executor is the person(s) who will prove the Will, they will help arrange burial/cremation, pay for funeral and administrative expenses from the estates etc.  Once the administration is complete, they may need to transition to the role of trustee.  A trustee is a person(s) to whom an estate is transferred or bequeathed, in trust for another, that other being the beneficiary.


If you have children under the age of 18, who would you like to appoint as their guardian(s)?  A parent can name a person in their will to be a testamentary guardian if the parent dies. A testamentary guardian's role is similar to other guardians of the child except they don’t have the right to day-to-day care of the child.


Do you wish to be:

Specific Gifts

Please be as detailed as possible if there are gifts or heirlooms you would like to pass on such as jewellery items or pieces of art.


Please be as detailed as possible if there are gifts or heirlooms you would like to pass on such as jewellery items or pieces of art.

Do you have a Trust? *
Do you have memorandum of wishes, advising your Trustees how you wish the assets in the Trust to be treated?
Would you like to create one?

Forgiveness of Debts

Do you wish to forgive any debts owed to you by family members or trusts?

Residue of your Estate

Children/Beneficiary age

At what age do you want any children/minors to receive their share of your estate.

Do you want to have a Living Will or an Advanced Care Directive?

These contain instructions; should you become ill or incapacitated or suffer from dementia. This Living Will or Advanced Care Directive tells your family what you would want in this situation, should the need arise.

Do you have one?
Would you like to make one?

We can help you set down your specific instructions with a simple Advance Plan of Care which is then signed by you and kept with your deeds.

Have you completed a Letter of Wishes?

This sets out your requests or wishes should you become terminally ill, i.e. how you want to be treated or looked after, it takes note of your religious/spiritual beliefs and any special requirements. 

This letter leaves instructions for your loved ones, so they know they are carrying out your wishes, and managing your affairs as you would like them too in the event of your (sudden) illness or death.

Would you like to complete one?


If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please contact us to discuss on 07 863 7250 or email us on documents@bardenandco.nz