Estate checklist for executors

We require the original Death Certificate during the administration process. We will make certified copies and return them to you as soon as we can.

The first step is to ensure payment of the funeral account. We may arrange this to be paid from funds held in the deceased’s bank account(s) or there may be a pre-arranged funeral plan in place.

It would be also helpful if you could provide the following information to assist us with the administration of the estate. Don’t worry if you can’t find everything. Not everything on the list will apply to all situations. If you wish, you can bring in any papers you find and we will sort through them for you.

(Please note that if you were acting under an Enduring Power of Attorney, this authority automatically ceases upon death.)

  • Details of bank or building society accounts (eg recent statements, bank or cheque books).

  • Bonus Bond certificates.

  • Share or investment certificates/statements and recent dividend or interest advices.

  • KiwiSaver or company pension statements.

  • A copy of the latest Rates notice(s) or Valuation NZ certificate showing the value of property. We may be able to find this information for you if we are advised that the deceased held property.

  • Vehicle registration documents for any cars, trailers etc.

  • Any existing inventories of possessions. Please note that if any of the deceased’s possessions are sold the funds are to be deposited into our Trust Account where they will be held on behalf of the Estate.

  • If there is a business, we will require a copy of the last company accounts.

  • Insurance policies (or letters from the insurance company) for the home, contents and motor vehicles.

  • Any life, travel or medical insurance policies or letters from the insurance company.

  • Work and Income New Zealand benefit or pension number and any recent correspondence.

  • Correspondence relating to any other superannuation or pension such as an overseas pension or National Provident Fund.

  • Inland Revenue number and a copy of the last tax return and assessment.

  • If applicable, contact details for an accountant or tax adviser who has prepared previous tax returns.

  • Any household accounts to be paid and changed such as electricity, telephone, SKY TV, Rates etc.

  • Credit card statements.

  • Rental agreements/statements.

  • Leases, hire purchase agreements or similar (eg for car or furniture).

  • Papers or details relating to any mortgages or loans.

  • Any other unpaid bills.

  • Contact details for beneficiaries named in the Will (physical addresses, email addresses and contact telephone numbers).

  • Birth certificates for any beneficiaries who are under 20 years.